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Property sales tools differ from standard sales tools.

Selling property requires an individual approach, depending on the type of a project and circumstances of the sale, as well as the maximum distribution of marketing information, maintaining the publicity and relevance of the offer.

We are able to represent your property on the market in an accurate manner. We are also able to convey all the benefits and advantages of acquiring your property to the buyer and we can turn your property into a unique one on the market.

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A more accurate estimate depends on how common spaces look and how they are furnished. When you have the details in very good condition, count on the highest price.

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to 50% of the real estate market price immediately!

What can you expect

Professional assessment of the market price

Payment of up to 50% of the property market value immediately

Marketing related to the sale of your property

You will receive the rest of the amount after the sale

In which cases to contact us?

  • Property division during the divorce
  • Rights to inheritance
  • Deposit when reserving a new property with the developer
  • Repayment of mortgage tied to the property being sold (up to 80% of the property value)
  • Own resource base for another property
  • Rapid growth of own entrepreneurship (profit from the sale of property), etc.

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You do not need to come for viewing or contract signing

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We carefully think over the delivery of the object and select the appropriate channels for advertising

Legal support

We officially represent your interests, consult you throughout the entire cooperation and prepare documents for the transaction

Property valuation

We help to accurately assess the value of a house or flat


You will always know exactly what you are paying for

Help in resolving issues

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